Chapter Announcements

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    Please remember to call Membership Services 1-888-634-7575 to update your email address and current contact information if this has recently changed so that you will continue to get newsletters, program information, and renewal notices.

    Also, do you want to serve on an STTI International Committee? Don’t forget to submit a VIProfile on the STTI website at This tool is used to select members for committees, for review of research grant applications, and to review for chapter awards.

  • STTI Philanthropic Supporters

    We thank our chapter members for their commitment and dedication to the organization to promote nursing scholarship. If you would like to contribute to the Alpha Gamma Chapter or STTI Foundation, please visit us at STTI Foundation

    Foundation Donors:

    Fay Bower
    Mary Lou De Natale
    Katherine Ricossa
    2015 Alpha Gamma Chapter Donors:

    Nancy Almerico
    Daryl Canham
    Phyllis Connolly
    Mary Dunlap
    Catherine Anne Henderson
    Joanne McKinney
    Barbara Rieder
    Marilyn Rodgers
    John Simmons
    Diane St Denis